Acadian History (Mr.Middleton)

  • French Settlement(Port Royal)

    Basically, a French man named Samuel de Champlain and 2 other man discovered what was known as Acadia but now known as Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and parts of New Brunswick and Quebec. They established a French settlement on Ste. Croix Island and then in Port Royal during 1603 and 1607. It was called off because the French King cancelled the monopoly.
  • French Settlement(Acadia)

    During this year Pourtincourt revisited Acadia not alone but with 3 other men named Father Fleche, Claude de La Tour and Claude's son Charles. Father Fleche specfically attended this trip because he wanted to try and turn the Micmaq to Christiany while the other 3 gents talked and focused on land, farming, and fur trading. DUring all of this Port Royal was being protected and watch over by a Chief named Membertou. he gave the French guidence and knowledege in the First Nations ways.
  • French and English fight over Acadia(Port Royal)

    A year after the 4 men vistied Acadia more and more pepole defined as Colonists arrived at the Habitaion site in Port Royal. Acadia's area and location of it was so good that the French and English were competing and aruging about it. If one of them had the area it would give them power over North America. The agriculture and food and fur resources were so realible. And it being near the Gulf of The St. Lawrence River made the to nations want it even more.
  • English Wins!!!!(Acadia)

    During this horrible year for France, Poutrincourt was in France to try and gain money and buy off the colony of Acadia. But then Port Royal was demolished by a secret force in Jamestown, Virginia which was led by a English captain named Samuel Argall. Because of this dreadful moment the English was able to seize Acadia and call it their own. The French refused to give up and fought the English for about 150 years.
  • Scottish Settlement(Port Royal)

    In 1628 a Scottish man named William Alexander tried to start a Scottish settlement in Port Royal and called it New Scotland which is now Nova Scotia.
  • French Officialy Win!!(Acadia)

    This year Acadia was given back to from the English becasue it was a part of a peace treaty deal to end thhe war that was happening in Europe between the two countries. The Scotland settlers moved back to Scotland and more French settlers moved to Acadia, everything was going well for the French
  • Company of Habitants(Charles de La Tour)

    This time of the year the Company of Habitants took over the monopoly in New France. Fort St. Marie which was owned by Charles was being attacked and destroyed by D'Aulnay and his troops. Marie de La Tour took over the fort but later on was defeated.
  • War Again!!(French and English)

    During this year the English attack the French in Port Royal and took over the Bay of Fundy caputring all French that lived there, this caused war...again. While all this was happening Acadia was split up into to the French owned the northern side and the English owned the southern side
  • Treaty of Westmininster

    During this year a peace treaty was made between the French and English which made the French retreat to France.
  • Royal Government(New France)

    In 1663 the French decided to take over New France and started there own royal government