Abe lincoln

Abraham Lincoln's Life

By symza7
  • Abraham Lincoln is Born

    Abraham Lincoln is Born
    Abraham Lincoln is born to Thomas and Nancy Lincoln in Hardin County, Kentucky.
  • Mother Dies

    Mother Dies
    His Mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln dies and is buried in Spencer County, Indiana
  • Father Marries Again

    Father Marries Again
    Abraham Lincoln's father, Thomas Lincoln, remaries Sarah Bush Johnson. She becomes stepmother to Abe and Sarah Lincoln.
  • Lincoln Family moves to Illinois

    Lincoln Family moves to Illinois
    Thomas Lincoln moves the family to Decatur, Illinois.
  • Joins the Black Hawk War

    Joins the Black Hawk War
    Abe Lincoln enlists in the Black Hawk War. First as a private, then re-enlisted as a captain. Afterwards, he begins studying for law.
  • Elected to State Legislature

    Elected to State Legislature
    Lincoln is elected to the Illinois State Legislature as part of the Whig Party.
  • Marries Mary Todd

    Marries Mary Todd
    Lincoln Marries Mary Todd Lincoln of Kentucky. They had four sons: Edward, William Thomas, and Robert. Thomas and Robert were the only sons that survived past childhood.
  • Elected to Congress

    Elected to Congress
    Lincoln was elected to Congress. He was the only Illinois, Whig Party member. He voted for anit-slavery and tried to abolish slavery in D.C. He did not run for reelection.
  • Loses Senator Election

    Loses Senator Election
    Lincoln loses the Senator Election to Stehpen A. Douglas. However, this campaign gave him a name among the people of Illinois.
  • Nominated for President

    Nominated for President
    Nominated for Presidency. Makes an Eastern Tour to "get acquainted" with the people.
  • Elected President

    Elected President
    Lincoln is innaugurated as the 16th President of the United States, succeeding James Buchanan. His vice president is Andrew Johnson. The Civil War begins soon after, on April 1, at Fort Sumter.
  • Emancipation Announced.

    Emancipation Announced.
    Lincoln announces the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing all slaves in the South.
  • Recites Gettysburg Address

    Recites Gettysburg Address
    Lincoln gives the Gettysburg Address at Gettysburg Cemetery.
  • Reelected President

    Reelected President
    Re-elected Republican President. Innaugurated for the second term of March 4.
  • Civil War Ends

    Civil War Ends
    Conferderate General Robert E. Lee surrenders to Union General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox, Courthouse Virginia. This marks the end of the Civil War.
  • Lincoln Dies

    Lincoln Dies
    Abraham Lincoln is assasinated at Ford's Theater by a mad actor, John Wilkes Booth. He is buried in a family monument in Springfield, Illinois with his wife, their three children, and his grandson, Abraham.