Abraham Lincoln's Impact on the Civil War

By CHafer9
  • Abraham Lincoln elected President

    Abraham Lincoln was elected as the 16th President of the United States. This created tension with the southern "slave states" becasue they knew that Lincoln was opposed to slavery.
  • States begin to secede from the Union

    Slave states did not like the fact that Lincoln, a Democrat who was opposed to slavery, was elected president in 1860. States relying on slavery began to secede in 1861. South Carolina was the first to do so.
  • Lincoln's Inaguration

    Abraham Lincoln gives his Inagural Address, touching on topics such as slavery and secession.
  • Civil War begins

    The Confederate army attacks Union Fort Sumter; thus beginning the Civil War.
  • Lincoln puts his Emancipation Proclamation into affect

    The Emancipation Proclamtion was a document written by Lincoln that gave freedom to all slaves in every "slave state."
  • Civil War Battle of Gettysburg (July 1-3)

    The Battle of Gettysburg is known as one of the major turning points in the Civil War, as it destroyed the Confederate's chances of advancing into the northern states.
  • Lincoln gives his Gettysburg Address

  • Lincoln's Second Inagural Address

    Lincoln gave his Second Inagural Address on this day, as he was elected back into office for a second term as president.
  • The Confederate Army surrenders

    The surrender ensured a Union victory in the Civil War.
  • The assasination of Abraham Lincoln

    Just a week after the end of the Civil War, Lincoln was assasinated in Ford's Theater.