Abraham Lincoln HF

By jfauble
  • Abraham Lincoln is born

    he was born in a small one room log cabin in Hodgenville Kentucky
  • family moves to a 230 acre farm

  • Lincoln family moves to Indiana

  • Death of his mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln

  • Abraham gets a stepmother

    Thomas Lincoln marries a widow, Sarah Bush Johnston
  • Lincoln family moves to Illinois

  • Becomes a candidate for Illinois General Assembly

    he ends up loosing the election
  • Abe joins the Illinois Militia

    the Black Hawk war had just started
  • Abe is elected to the Illinois General Assembly

    this was his second try
  • Lincoln recieves his law license

  • Abe moves to Springfield Illinois

  • Admission to US Circuit Court

  • Marries Mary Todd

    in Springfield
  • Lincoln's first child born

    Robert Todd Lincoln
  • Lincoln's second child is born

    Edward Baker Lincoln
  • Elected to the US House of Representatives

  • Leaves politics

    to practice law in Springfield
  • Death of Edward Baker Lincoln

    age 3
  • Lincoln's third child is born

    William Wallace Lincoln
  • Lincoln's last child is born

    Thomas Lincoln
  • Assists in the formation of the new Republican party in Illinois

  • Abraham Lincoln elected as 16th US president

  • William Wallace Lincoln dies

    age 11
  • Abraham Lincoln is shot

    he was in the midle of watching the play "Our American Cousin" and the time was arounf 10:13 p.m.
    He dies the next morning