A2 Media Studies Music Video Deadlines

  • Digipak and Magazine Advert Production Work Begins

    This is the start of the digipak and magazine advert work.
  • Period: to

    A2 Media Studies Timeline

  • Deadline for Research & Planning

    This is the deadline for all the research and planning for my music video and now I'm ready to start filming for my music video,
  • Deadline for Print Productions

    This is the deadline for the digipak and magazine production.
  • Start Music Video Filming

    Begin filming for my music video and make sure I get all my shots filmed.
  • Finish Music Video Filming

    All music video filming must be complete by January 5th ready for editing over the following weeks.
  • Start of the Music Video Editing

    This is where the music video editing will be taken place.
  • Deadline for Music Video

    This is the deadline for the fully editied and final copy of my music video.