A Walk Through Apple Inc.

  • Apple is Established.

    Apple is Established.
    Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne work together to make Apple.
  • Period: to

    Apple inc.

    A walk through Apple's industrious history!
  • Apple 1 is Here.

    Apple 1 is Here.
    Apple comes out with their first type writer.
  • Apple is Incorparated.

    Apple is Incorparated.
    Wayne sells his part of Apple back to Jobs and Wozniak for $800.
  • Apple Silentype

    Apple Silentype
    Apple's first printer.
  • Apple Goes Public.

    Apple Goes Public.
    They go public in stock share and instantly creating more millionares than any other comany.
  • Apple is debuted in stock market.

    When Apple is debuted in the stock market they are valued at 1.8 bilion dollars and this makes over forty of their workers instant millionares.
  • Macintosh is Released.

    Macintosh is Released.
    Macintosh is released during the third quarter of the XVIII Super Bowl on a $1.5 million television commercial.
  • Apple LaserWriter Family

    Apple LaserWriter Family
    Another printer from apple.
  • Macintosh Portable.

    Macintosh Portable.
    The Macintosh Portable is realeased and it was the the first computer to send an email from space.
  • Apple changes it's logo.

    Apple changes it's logo.
    Apple changed it's logo to a cool monochromatic scheme.
  • iMac G3.

    iMac G3.
    Apple comes out with the computer all in one.
  • iPod First Comes Out.

    iPod First Comes Out.
    Apple introduces the iPod as a digital music player.
  • IPod Shuffle

    IPod Shuffle
    The IPod Shuffle hits the market.
  • The IPod Nano

    The IPod Nano
    The IPod nano is introduced to the world.
  • iPhone is Released.

    iPhone is Released.
    Apple's first phone that you can call and message from.
  • iPhone with 3G.

    iPhone with 3G.
    The iPhone has gone 3G with it's faster phone.
  • Venus the Boat.

    Venus the Boat.
    Steve Jobs Apple boat is revealed. However, it is unknown when it was finished or started.
  • Apple Presents The iPad.

    Apple Presents The iPad.
    The iPad is first introduced with a bigger screen than the iPod.
  • Apple With the 4.

    Apple With the 4.
    Apple comes out with another phone... thats is square.
  • Apple With TV.

    Apple With TV.
    Apple has a TV program to plug into your TV.
  • The iPad 2 Comes Out.

    The iPad 2 Comes Out.
    Apple comes out with the second iPad that is thinner and faster than the first.
  • The New iPad.

    The New iPad.
    Apple introduces "The New iPad" or the third out of what will become 5 iPads.
  • It's Here, The 5.

    It's Here, The 5.
    The iPhone 5 comes out with a 4 inch screen so it can hold an extra row of apps.
  • Apple With Retna Display.

    Apple With Retna Display.
    Apple has the iPad "Just as Stuning, Twice as Fast".
  • iPad Goes mini.

    iPad Goes mini.
    The newest iPad comes out, with the size in between the iPod and iPad.