A Tale of Two Cities Timeline (Development of the theme "loyalty")

By shlfit
  • Mr. Lorry and Lucie visit Dr. Manette

    Jarvis Lorry and Lucie Manette meet up and go to Paris. Lucie finds out that her father is not dead. Dr. Manette has been rescued from prison and has been taken care of by Earnest Defarge and his wife. Manette can only identify himself as the number of his prison cell: 105 North Tower.
  • Charels Darney is charged for treason

    Charles Darney is tried for treason in London. Lucie, Dr. Manette, and Mr. Lorry are all witnesses. Darney is proven innocent when Sydney Carton points out their resemblance, proving that no positive identification can be established.
  • Marquis Evermonde runs over a child

    Marquis Evermond runs over a young boy, leaving the boy dead on the scene. His only reaction was to throw a coin at the boy's father.
  • Darnay visits Marquis Evermonde

    Charles Darney visits his uncle, Marquis Evremonde in France. Darney denounces his title and estate as an Evermonde and tells his uncle about his plan to move to England and live on his own terms.
  • Marquis Evermonde is killed

    The morning after Darnay denounces his status as an Evermonde, Marquis Evermonde is found dead
  • Darnay and Lucie get married

    Charles Darnay and Lucie are officially married. After discovering Darnay's true identity Dr. Manette relapses into insanity.
  • Storming of the Bastille

    The storming of the Bastille signifies the start of the French Revolution.
  • Darnay returns to France

    After receiving a letter from a former servant asking for help, Darnay saw no other option but to return to France to try and save him, as he made a promise to Gabelle that he would never be put into harm due to the fact that he worked for the Evermondes. Upon his arrival in France Darnay is immediately arrested for being an aristocrat.
  • Lucie and Dr. Manette arrive in France

    The Manettes arrive in France, Dr. Manette uses his influence as a former prisoner to protect Darnay from being killed at the hands for the angry mobs.
  • Darnay is tried and released but is then reaccused.

    When Darnay is first tried, Dr. Manette uses his influence as a former prisoner to win over the jury and have Darnay freed. Darnay is reaccused by the Defarges and is taken prisoner again in the same night.
  • Darnay is found guilty

    Darnay is tried for his charges of being an aristocrat and is found guilty, he is sentenced to death by guillotine.
  • Carton takes Darnay's place

    After blackmailing a prison guard, Sydney Carton is allowed to visit Darnay. During his visit Carton makes Darnay switch clothes with him and drugs him, Carton calls over a guard and tells them that the visitor isn't feeling well and is taken out of prison. Carton is then executed by guillotine instead of Darnay, as a part of his promise to always love Lucie and his willingness to do anything for her.
  • Darnay and Lucie announce their marriage

    At a party hosted at the Manette's residence, Dr. Manette announces to everyone that his daughter, Lucie is getting married to Charles Darnay. After hearing this news Sydney Carton confesses his love to Lucie and promises to always love her.