A Semester Worth

  • First day of classes

    Today Freshman students make it promptly to class.
  • Club sports

    Club Soccer started up for freshman Leah McDonald, and Club Field Hockey started up for freshman Marissa Verdi.
  • The first grade

    Marissa Verdi recieved her first bad grade on her Fys paper.
  • Club Field Hockey attendance

    Marissa Verdi begins to not attend practices which are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm-9pm. She would choose to go to the library and work on homework instead.
  • Withdraw

    Leah McDonald withdraws from her Chemistry clas because it becomes too much for her to handle. She plans to retake the course next semester.
  • Last Day of Classes

    Freshman students have been counting the days to finally be done with classes. Today is that day.