A Pyrrhic Victory

  • Birth - Tom Riddle

  • Period: to

    A Pyrrhic Victory

  • Birth - Minerva McGonagall

  • Birth - Theodore Nott

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    Tom Riddle Hogwarts Years

  • Birth - Fenrir Greyback (innacurate date)

  • Birth - Alastor Moody

  • Period: to

    Hogwarts Years - Minverva

  • Birth - Fabian and Gideon Prewett

  • Birth - Milicent Bagnold

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    Theodore Nott Hogwarts Years

  • Birth - Molly Prewett

  • Birth - Walden Macnair

  • Birth - Arthur Weasley

  • Birth - Theodore Tonks

  • Birth - Oliver Yaxley

  • Birth - Bellatrix Black

  • Birth - Rodolphus Lestrange

  • Birth - Andromeda Black

  • Birth - Augustus Rookwood

  • Birth - Rabastan Lestrange

  • Birth - Vulcan Mulciber

  • Birth - Amelia Bones

  • Birth - Gavin Travers

  • Birth - Caradoc Dearborn

  • Birth - Narcissa Black

  • Period: to

    Hogwarts Year - Alastor

  • Birth - Igor Karkaroff

  • Birth - Emmeline Vance

  • Birth - Evan Rosier

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    Hogwarts Years - Fabian, Gideon

  • Birth - Alice Fortescue

  • Birth - Mary MacDonald

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    Milicent Bagnold Hogwart's Years

  • Birth - Benjy Fenwick

  • Birth - Sirius Black

  • Birth - Severus Snape

  • Birth - Lily Evans

  • Birth - Remus Lupin

  • Birth - James Potter

  • Birth - Dorocas Meadowes

  • Birth - Marlene McKinnon

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    Hogwarts Years - Molly

  • Birth - Peter Pettigrew

  • Birth - Barty Crouch Jr

  • Birth - Alecto Carrow

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    Hogwarts Year - Theodore T, Arthur, Walden, Oliver

  • Birth - Amycus Carrow

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    Hogwarts Years - Andromeda, Bellatrix, Rodolphus

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    Hogwarts Years - Augustus

  • Period: to

    Hogwarts Years - Rabastan Lestrange

  • Period: to

    Hogwarts Years - Amelia, Vulcan, Alice

  • Period: to

    Hogwarts Years - Gavin, Narcissa, Caradoc

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    Igor Karkaroff school years

  • Period: to

    Hogwarts Years - Emmeline, Evan

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    Hogwarts Years - Mary

  • Birth - William Weasley

  • Period: to

    Hogwarts Years - Lily, Peter, James, Remus, Sirius, Severus, Dorocas, Marlene

  • Period: to

    Hogwarts Years - Barty, Alecto, Amycus

  • Birth - Charles Weasley

  • Birth - Nymphadora Tonks

  • Birth - Percy Weasley

  • Birth - Fred and George Weasley

  • Meeting

    July 1, 1978- Voldemort called to order a meeting for his most loyal and trusted followers. The Death Eaters met at Malfoy Manor at 9:00pm. It is about time to escalate the war effort. For years, Lord Voldemort has been sending messages- follow him or pay the price. These messages have been unheard and ignored. It is time to make everyone listen. The objective is clear. Show them what will happen if they do not listen. The meeting is top secret.
  • Ormond Street Hospital Masacre

  • Andromeda and Edgar Kidnapped

  • Dream Sequence

    The Order members are drugged and enter dreams controlled by Death Eaters
  • Breaking News!

    Theodore Nott and Vulcan Macnair arrested on suspicion of being suspects in the Great Ormond Street Hospital Massacre
  • Meetings

    July 12, 1978: Suspicions have been raised to the Order of the Phoenix after an anonymous tip was delivered to Dumbledore, who promptly asked each Order Member to attend the Masquerade to be on the lookout for suspicious activity. The security is high. July 12, 1978: A meeting for Lord Voldemort’s followers was held at Malfoy Manor at ten in the evening in regards to the Masquerade. Voldemort is well aware of the Order presence at the ball and has decided to act anyway, thou
  • Breaking News

    Theodore Nott and Vulcan Mulciber are released from custody
  • Masquerade

    July 13, 1978 8:00PM- Guests arrive at Gibson Hall, wearing masks and elegant ball gowns and suits. Order Members are quickly stationed throughout the hall, wearing masks to blend in. 8:45PM- Drinks have been flowing, the music is loud, and everyone is having a good time. 10:00PM- The Order begins to relax, some dipping into the alcohol themselves. 10:45PM- The main doors open and dozens of Inferi enter the room. Muggles are unaware of what is going on and believe them to be grotesquely dres