A Long Walk To Water

By mike08
  • Exposition 2: Setting A

    Exposition 2: Setting A
    Sudan is a desolate and dry area in Africa where Salva and Nya live. Sudan is very much like a big desert.
  • Exposition 3: Characters A

    Exposition 3: Characters A
    Salva is a young boy who is from Sudan and he lives with his parents.
  • Exposition 1: Background A

    Exposition 1: Background A
    A young boy named Salva has to take a long walk to water every day, many times per day, so his family can have water to drink.
  • Rising Action: Conflict A

    Rising Action: Conflict A
    Salva is forced to leave his home because it has been taken over by the government in Sudan because of the war. Now he is homeless and on the streets.
  • Rising Action 1 A

    Rising Action 1 A
    Salva finds his uncle and lives with him because he has no other shelter in which to stay.
  • Rising Action 2 A

    Rising Action 2 A
    Salva' s best friend, Buksha, dies in Sudan from starvation as the refugees walk through the desert.
  • Rising Action 3 A

    Rising Action 3 A
    He finds out that his uncle has a gun. Salva wants to know why his uncle has the gun inside the house.
  • Rising action 4 A

    Rising action 4 A
    In the desert, Salva's uncle encourages him to go across the Nile River even though Salva is scared. But if he does it, he will be very proud of himself.
  • Rising Action 5 A

    Rising Action 5 A
    Salva is finally happy, since he has his uncle and he has almost gotten across the desert . He knew that it was a tough thing to do for someone his age.
  • Climax/Turning Point

    Climax/Turning Point
    Salva' s uncle leaves to join a gang from violent parts of Sudan. Salva is not very happy with his uncle for leaving.
  • Falling Action 1 A

    Falling Action 1 A
    Most of the people that Salva meet don't like him because his uncle joined the gang, so they exclude him and don't let him in their groups.
  • Falling Action 2 A

    Falling Action 2 A
    Salva finds his uncle again. However, after he finds his uncle, his uncle is shot gets shot 3 times while tied up. The gang that Salva's uncle joined were the killers.
  • Falling Action 3 A

    Falling Action 3 A
    Officials found Salva's father who is having surgery later that week in Uganda. Salva really wants to go meet his father again before his surgery.
  • Falling Action 4 A

    Falling Action 4 A
    Salva goes on 3 different flights to meet his father before his surgery later that day. He gets exhausted after all of this.
  • Falling Action 5 A

    Falling Action 5 A
    When Salva finally gets there, his dad does not believe that Salva is there, so he keeps on saying, "it can't be you". Then, when he realized that it was actually Salva, he rejoiced.
  • Exposition 1: Background B

    Exposition 1: Background B
    A girl, Nya, who lives in Africa has to take a very long walk to water every day. She has to get the water, so her family can have something to drink with meals.
  • Exposition 2: Setting B

    Exposition 2: Setting B
    Sudan is an african nation that is dry and desolate like a gigantic desert.
  • Exposition 3: Characters B

    Exposition 3: Characters B
    Nya is a young girl from Sudan who is not home very much because she is always getting her family water. It takes her two hours to walk to get the water and return.
  • Resolution 1 A

    Resolution 1 A
    Salva starts to help lots of people in his country and he feels good for doing these things.
  • Resolution 1 B

    Resolution 1 B
    Nya finds out that a water well wil be built close by and she is thankful because she doesn't have to walk very far.
  • Resolution 2 B

    Resolution 2 B
    Nya meets Salva to talk to him about the well. They have a positive talk and the well is going to be built right by Nya's house.
  • Resolution 2 A

    Resolution 2 A
    Salva has to leave his home country for personal issues. He goes to New York City, New York to help others with his organization and learn English.
  • Resolution 3 A

    Resolution 3 A
    Salva is taken in by his new family in New York. He does not know where his actual family is anymore.
  • Resolution 3 B

    Resolution 3 B
    The well is finished and Nya is able to be home more often because of the short walk and the short wait.