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A Child Called It

  • Period: to

    Birth to Kindergarden

    Dave Pelzer was born December 29, 1960 in Daly City, California. Stephen Joseph (his father) was a fireman in San Francisco.Catherine Roerva Christen (His mother) was a stay at home mom. Dave states that My family was the 'Brady Bunch' of the 1960s... He said that he was blesed for him and his two brothers to have perfect parents.
  • Born

    David James Pelzer was born on December 29th, 1960, in Daly City California.
  • Last Best Memory.

    Last Best Memory.
    By this time dave was only 4 years old. Davids best memory was at the Russian river. At this time he was not being severlyabused by his mother, he enjoyed life and loved every minute of it.
  • End on kindergarten

    End on kindergarten
    End of his 1st year of school, still a happy family. Not much abuse going on.
  • Change!!

    His relationship with his mother drastically changed from disipline to punishment. He had no strenght and now becoming more afraid of his Mom.
  • The Accident

    The Accident
    This was the begining of where it all started. His mother pulled his arm out of socket. She stated he was a "Bad Boy". When she took him to the hostpital she lied and said he fell of the top bunk.
  • The Burn

    The Burn
    Dave was forced to lay his arm on a hot stove because he was begging for food. He was forced to do this until his mom thought it was time to stop.
  • Back to school

  • Summertime.

    Dave isnt able to steel food from others. He now has to be home with his mother everyday until the fall. His punishments get more severe. He have no one or no where to escape to. He misses school more and more eash day
  • Punishments

    Throught the book dave describes that his mother punishes him for not doing chores the "right way", or up to her expectations. While he has to clean the bathroom she would put amonia and chlorox causing it to have a reaction, she would then shut the door and force him to breathe it in.
  • Starvation

    Dave wasnt alowed to eat with his family and 3 brothers. He also did not get the same breakfast, lunch or dinner, For breakfast he would get left over cereal pieces that his brothers did not eat. Lunch was normaly eaten at school, and dinner was little to nothing, or scrap's that he found left over in the garbage.
  • Period: to

    first grade

    Dave's arm was broken during a beating.
    His mother lied to Dave's father and the doctor about how the arm got broken
    Dave's mother beat him for trying to run away to his aunt's house. She forced soap down his throat and told him not to speak unless she said he could.
  • Last Trip to the Russian River

    Last Trip to the Russian River
    The family goes on a vacations one last time at the Russian River. David is abused by his mother still on this trip, he wouldnt consider this a vacation because he is still being abused. He feels like his family is falling apart.
  • Fight for your Life

    Dave continues to get Starved, fighting starts to happen between his parents, his mother is pregant with her 4th child. His dad sticks up for him while his mother continues to be mean
  • Begin of abuse.

    Begin of abuse.
    This was the begining of dave long challanging abuse jounrey
  • Basement

    Dave no onger has a bed or a room. Be has to sleep in the cold basement on an old army coat. He no longer gets meals with his family.
  • Games & Gas Chamber

    Dave's mother planned "games" for dave. She created the gas chamber. She put different kinds of toxic fumes in a bucket, She would put ammonia and Clorox in a bucket. The smell fulled the whole room while dave was forced to clean the bathroom.
  • Off to work..

    Off to work..
    he always dreaded the days his dad had to go to work. He felt that his father was protection. He looked up to his dad as hero.
  • Rescued!

    Dave shows up to school like its a normal day, same ripped up shirt, torn shoes and pants with holes. He was sent to the nurses office to be checked out like every day. David Pelzer was finally rescued from child abuse by his teachers and principal on March 5th, 1973. The officer called his mother and says "Your son will not be returning home today"
  • Promise

    Mr. Ziegler is Dave’s teacher in fifth grade. When dave gets pulled out of school and taken away from his family his teacher promises that she will tell his classmates the truth about why he will be gone.
  • Check up

    Check up
    He has to wear a shirt that he has had for two years as his mothers way of humiliate him, after getting to school he goes to the nurses office and shows her everything..
    she records it all down to cuts, bruises, chipped teeth, being thrown. He lifts his shirt to revel he has been stabbed.
  • To this day.

    To this day.
    To this day Dave Pelzer is a very sucessful man. He has writen many books and helps troubled kids. He also Speaks out and let people be aware of abuse. Offical website