A Child Called "It"

By deeuuu
  • Family

    Dave had everything he could ever ask for. A family that cared for him and loved him. His dad, Stephen Joseph worked in the firefighter department, working in the heart of San Fransico. Also his mother, Catherine Roerva. she was a housewife. She dedicated herself to clean their home and to take care of their children, and his two younger brothers.
  • The Begining

    In Daly City, California is where Dave Pelzer is living. He is a small child living in a apartment, with mom, dad, and his two younger brothers. His life is perfectly normal until his family takes a drastic turn.
  • Bad Boy

    His relationship with his mother drastically changed from discipline to punishment that was growing out of control. She would punish him for no reason, and her punishments where awful!
  • The Punishments

    Daves moms punishments were unspeakable. She would smack him, punch him in the face or his ribs. She would oftenly give him a bloody nose and bruises and scars everywhere! She would smack him against a mirror until he bled badly, she would beat him until he could only even berly crawl himslef away, and she only did this because she felt like it !
  • The Slave

    Dave use to be part of a family, but as the mothers punishments grew more drastic and unfair so did his chores. Dave was like their slave. He had to wake up when the sun was peeking over at his window. He had to have all the chores done before he left to school which was at 7:45. He would go to school in the same clothes and shoes he had for 4 years! He wasent able to say or do anything about what his mother would do to him because in that cause she would even kill him. when dave came back......
  • The Slave

    did to him beacuse in that case she would had even killed him. When he got out of school, directly home was where he had to be. When he would get their his mother would send him down to the basement the whole afternoon until everybody was done eating and everything. He had to clean up every single mess they did. Until the night call was when Dave had to go to sleep but in the basement with only 1 old raggy oversized shirt.Which was what he had to use for a bed and blanket
  • Starvation

    Besides the fact that he was treated really bad, he was also being starved! His mother did not feed him at all, and when she did dhe would give Dave the left overs his little brothers had left. He was straved so bad that he even sole from the little kids at school. The mom was so strict about not letting him have food that when Dave got home from school she would make him throw up just to see if he eat. And if he did, he had no food at all for 2 weeks!
  • Dad, The Hero

    Dave hated his mother of course. He could not stand her. His mother would just torture him for fun. But dave did not give uo his spirits. He still had his dad.Even though the dad did nothing at all when he saw his son being abused, Dave wouldent get mad at his dad because dad would tell him that he didnt want to do anything beacause he didnt want to argue with mom. Plus Dave loved his dad even more because he had promised Dave that both of them would move out of the house pretty soon.Daves wish!
  • The Lords Prayer's

    Dave's parent were getting divorced! His life was now going to begin. He wanted to start all over with his life and move with his dad, and leave his stupid mother. When suddenly his dad tells him he cant go. Dave just looks at his dad without no expression and goes inside his moms car. His dad drives leaves and so does Daves hope. Saying his prayers that his dad will come back when his mom rudely interupts him and says "Your all mine now. Too bad your fathers not here to protect you."