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A Brilliant Streak

By elwco10
  • Birth

  • Period: to

    Mark Twain's Life

  • Family moves to Hannibal, Missorui

    Family moves to Hannibal, Missorui
  • Twain's Father Dies

    What effect did Clemens' loss have on his life?
  • Twain starts work

  • Travels to St. Louis, New York, and Philidelphia

  • Finds $50 bill and decides to travel to the Amazon via Paul Jones

    What effect did this decision have on Clemens' life?
  • Apprentices steamboat pilot under Horace Bixby

  • Henry Clemens dies in steamboat accident

  • Civil War begins--Clemens joins Confederate militia

    What effect did the Civil War have on the steamboat trade?
  • Clemens leaves for Nevada with brother Orion

  • Takes job for Territorial Enterprise in Virginia City

  • Clemens flees Virginia City after being challenged to a duel

    Why was Clemens challenged to the duel?
  • Settles in San Francisco after stint as a prospector

  • Publishes "Jumping Frog" article and earns national attention

  • Travels to Hawaii, works as reporter, gives first lecture

    What was Hawaii called in Clemens' time?
  • Travels to Europe, meets Charles Langdon

    How did meeting Langdon effect Clemens' life?
    Which novel was inspired by Clemens' travels in Europe?
  • Engaged to Olivia Langdon, The Innocents Abroad published

  • Marriage, moves to Buffalo, NY

  • Tom Sawyer published

    Which events inspired Tom Sawyer?
  • The Prince and the Pauper published

  • Life on the Mississippi published

    Which events inspired this book?
  • Huckleberry Finn published

    Which events inspired this book?
  • Bankrupt

    What effect does this have on Twain's life?
  • Period: to

    World Tour

  • Favorite daughter, Susie, dies

  • Olivia dies

  • Death