Ear research 2

A Brief History of Cochlear Implants

  • Discovery of the Electrolytic Cell

    Discovery of the Electrolytic Cell
    Alessandro Volta discovered the electrolytic cell (battery). Why is this important?: He stimulated the auditory system electrically by connecting a battery (about 50 V) to two metal rods and inserted them in his ears. From this, he was able to hear some sound.
  • Importance of the Cochlea

    Importance of the Cochlea
    Discovered that the cochlea is the site of stimulation for sound. How did they do it?: They surgically removed other parts of the ear (such as the tympanic membrane) and found that a patient could still hear.
  • Research on how we hear

    Research on how we hear
    Research on how sound is understood improved: they realized that the middle ear creates mechanical vibrations for sound.
  • Hearing Research

    Hearing Research
    From 1950-1966, extensive research was conducted with volunteer patients that gives insight into how we hear.
  • First devices implanted

    First devices implanted
    In the 1960's, Dr. William House implanted several devices in totally deaf volunteer patients. These each worked for a short time. Dr. House worked with engineer Jack Urban to develop the cochlear implant.
  • First Speech Processor

    First Speech Processor
    The first speech processor was developed to interface with the House 3M single-electrode implant More than 1,000 people were implanted from 1972 into the 1980's.
  • First children are implanted

    First children are implanted
    In the 1980's several hundred children were implanted with the cochlear implant.
  • Cochlear Implant approved

    Cochlear Implant approved
    FDA formally approves the marketing of the 3M House cochlear implant.
  • Multi-channel cochlear implant

    Multi-channel cochlear implant
    Australia develops multiple channel devices. This is called "Nucleus multi-channel cochlear implant."
  • Nucleus Cochlear Implant approved

    Nucleus Cochlear Implant approved
    The FDA officially approves the use of the Nucleus Cochlear Implant for adults.
  • 1000th patient

    1000th patient
    1000th patient is implanted
  • Children approved

    Children approved
    The first cochlear implant system to gain approval for use by children
  • 10,000th patient

    10,000th patient
    10,000th patient is implanted
  • Warrenty

    First cochlear implant company to offer a ten-year warrenty.
  • Nucleus 24

    Nucleus 24
    First Nucleus 24 implant system
  • 20,000th patient

    20,000th patient
    20,000th patient implanted
  • Nucleus 24 Contour for children

    Nucleus 24 Contour for children
    Nucleus 24 Contour is the first implant approved for children 12 months and older.
  • BTE processor

    BTE processor
    First BTE processor with built-in telecoil and whisper setting.
  • First wireless FM System

    First wireless FM System
  • New technologies

    New technologies
    First Nucleus Freedom implant system with SmartSound First water resistant sound processor First multi-microphone sound processor
  • 80,000th patient

    80,000th patient
    80,000th patient implanted