A Biography: George H. W. Bush

  • Birth

    George H. W. Bush born in Milton, MA. Mom - Dorothy. Dad - Prescott. 3 brothers and 1 sister.
  • Navy Pilot

    Navy Pilot
    At age 18 he joined the Navy and begain pilot training. Served during World War 2.
  • Wings

    Earns his wings. Becomes the youngest pilot in U.S. Navy. Awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.
  • Married

    Married Barbara Pierce. Had a family of 6 children. One daughter died at age 4 from Leukemia.
  • College

    Graduated from Yale University. Captain of the Baseball team. Met Babe Ruth, a famous baseball player.
  • CIA

    Head of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) for one year.
  • Vice President

    Vice President
    Elected vice president, and served 2 terms under President Ronald Reagan. 1981-1989
  • President

    41st president of the United States. Served one term - 4 years. Worked well with foreign countries.
  • Disabilities Act

    Disabilities Act
    Helped passed the law, Americans with Disabilities Act. Helped people with disbilities get equal rights.
  • Operation Desert Storm

    Operation Desert Storm
    Sent U.S. troops to the country of Kuwait to free it from invaders. Mission successful.