The Great Gatsby

  • Gatsby and Daisy Meet

    Gatsby and Daisy met on an october afternoon in Louisville, Then Gatsby gets drafted as a young officer into World War I.
  • Daisy Marries Tom

    Tom and Daisy get married in the Muhlbach Hotel
  • Affair

    Tom has an affair
  • Daisy's child

    Daisy gives birth to a baby girl.
  • Nick Moves

    Nick moves to West Egg
  • Visit

    Nick visits his cousin Daisy Buchanon and he meet Jordan Baker.
  • Party

    Nick, Tom, Myrtle and a few others have a party.
  • Gatsby and Nick Meet

    Gatsby invites Nick to his party where he introduces himself
  • Daisy and Gatsby

    Daisy and Gatsby start seeing each other again
  • Gatsby takes Daisy

    He convinces her to escape with him to Chicago. She follows and he convinces her to get a divorce.
  • Tom's Outrage

    Tom recieves divorce files and becomes enraged. He goes out and gets drunk then gets into a car accident where he is found on the street by Nick and Jordan.
  • Tom's Death

    Due to serious injury, Tom passes away and Daisy hears of the news so she rushes back to East Egg
  • Tom's Funeral

    Daisy, Gatsby, Nick, Jordan and others attend the funeral. Shortly after Nick and Jordan dissapear
  • The Return

    Nick and Jordan return, married.
  • Affair

    One day Nick went for gas and stumbbled upon Myrtle. She hopped in his car and thrust herself on him. He ends up having an affair with Myrtle which lasts until early April.
  • Death

    Myrtle dies of alcohol poisoning.
    Mr Wilson, Myrtle's husband commits suicide over her death.
    Gatsby proposes to Daisy. She accepts
  • Wedding

    Daisy Buchanon becomes Daisy Gatsby. Nick and Jordan announce her pregnancy
  • Baby!

    Nick and Jordan have a baby girl. They name her Dream
  • Gatsby and Daisy

    They grow old together until Gatsby has a heart attack and dies.
  • The End

    Daisy asks Nick and Jordan to move in and the three live happily ever after. The End