Patrick Henry

By r.moore
  • Born

  • He tried business and after failing in business, in 1754 he married Sarah Shelton

  • Henry mada a name for himself in a case called the "Parson's Cause"

  • Patrick and his wife Sarah moved into their Scotchtown house and later had six children: Martha, Anne, Elizabeth, John, William, and Edmund

  • Became 1st Virginia Regiment

  • Wife Sarah died of what he called possessed by the devil

  • Made a famous speech in the House of Burgesses

  • Henry and James Madison were elected first trustees of Hampden-Sydney College

  • He was elected from Louisa County to the House of Burgesses, the legislative body of the Virginia colony, in to fill a empty seat in the assembly

  • Period: to

    Governor of Virginia

  • Period: to

    Re-served as governor

  • decided not to go to the Constitutional Convention because he felt that the monarchy was threatened

  • Was a representative in the Virginia convention

  • Was introduced the Bill of Rights by James Madison

  • Was choosen as an elector for the U.S Constitution

  • Period: to

    Bill of Rights

  • Became one of the founding fathers of the Bill of Rights

  • Died