Growing Sectionalism Timeline

  • Small Civil War: Bloody Kansas

    Small Civil War: Bloody Kansas
    Fights in Kansas and Nebraska between Northerners and southerners. The significance of this is that it was one of the things that led to the Civil War. This event was caused from the nothern states and the southern states each wanted Kansas added to the Union as either a slave or free state. The effects of this was voting fraud, hit and run attacks on farms and other places, and a small scle Civil War within the country.
  • Raid!!!

    John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry, consisting of eighteen other men. The significance is that it could show how serious and radical some northerners were about slavery.This event was caused from John Brown's radical opposition to slavery and his zealousness to get rid of it. The effects were that the raid failed, Brown was hung for treason, and the North mourned his as a martyr. Also, the South became angry and suspicious of North and threatened secession.
  • Disagreements Over Hinton Helper

    Disagreements Over Hinton Helper
    Democrats in the South angry over the Republican endorsement of Hinton Helper's book. This could be used to show why the South thought of the North as abolitionists. The causes of this event was Southern fear of Northern anti-slavery efforts, and it's effects was growth in Southern distrust of the North, the banning and burning of the book, and threats of secession.
  • Election of 1860

    Election of 1860
    Lincoln wins the presidency of the United states. The significance is that the Republican party won in that election, much to the fury of the South. This was caused from the Republican party winning the majority of the electoral votes and getting the support of the large nothern states. The effects of this is the secession of southern states.
  • Union Disolved; South Carolina Leaves!

    Union Disolved; South Carolina Leaves!
    South Carolina leaves the Union of the United States. The significance of this is that S.C. was the first state to leave the Union and made way for the secessions that followed. This was caused when Lincoln won the election of 1860, and as a Southern state who was Democratic, this was disliked. The effects of this would be the following secession of the rest of the southern states to later join the Confederacy.