"The Life of Shia Labeouf"

Timeline created by johnshe
  • Birth Date

    Birth Date
    Born June 11, 1986 in Los Angeles, California.
  • David Letterman Show

    David Letterman Show
    Appeared as a guest on the "David Letterman" show.
  • Actor

    In 1993 Shia Labeouf decided he wanted to become an actor.
  • Even Stevens Series

    Even Stevens Series
    In 2000 he won a Daytime Emmy for his performance in the hit series "Even Stevens"
  • Graduation

    In 2003 Shia LeBeouf graduated from high school.
  • Acting

    Was considered for the role of Jimmy Olsen in "Superman Returns" in 2006.
  • Disturbia

    Had lead part in the movie "Disturbia" in 2007.
  • Transformers

    Shia LeBeouf only had two days off between finishing the casting of "Disturbia" and starting the new role in "Transformers".
  • Arrested

    He was arrested for driving under the influence after being in a car accident.
  • Dating

    Started dating Carey Mulligan after meeting her while they began filming the movie Money Never Sleeps.