Mike Dikta

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  • NFL

    Played tight end for the National Football League's. He played for The Chicago Bears (1961-1966), Philadelphia Eagles (1967-1968), and Dallas Cowboys (1969-1972).
  • Mike Dikta

    Michael Keller Ditka, Jr. was born on October 18, 1939 in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, he is also known as "Iron Mike",Mike's parents are Mike Sr. & Charlotte Ditka. He is a former American football NFL player,
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    Life Of Mike Dikta

  • Early Life

    Mike's child life name was Mike Dyczko. He thought it was a tounge twister so he changed it to Mike Ditlka
  • Siblings

    He was the oldest of 4 children.He has two younger brothers and a sister, Ashton, David and Mary Ann.
  • HighSchool

    He was a three sport star at Aliquippa High School. He played Baseball, Basketball, and Football. He later on focused on Football
  • Rookie Year

    NFL Rookie of the Year.
  • Coaching Life

    Head coach of the National Football League's Chicago Bears 1982-1992. Head coach of the National Football League's New Orleans Saints 1997-2000.
  • Married life

    Has four children: Mike, Mark, Megan and Matthew. He was married to Diana Trantham 8 July 1977 4 children. Early in his life he was married to Margery Ditka 28 January 1961 - 21 September 1973 then, he divorced her.
  • Hall of Fame

    Inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.