Explorer - Sebastian

By mamaya1
  • school

    In the year 1862 he begain sunday schooland reads an artickal about the north pole and made his made he enspired and thats how he went to the north pole.
  • born

    Robert E. peary was born 1856 in cresson Pennsyvalvaniaand died in 1920.
  • Greenland

    In the year 1886 Robert E. Peary found out that green land was an island
  • collage

    Robert E. peary had graduated from Bowdoinin 1887
  • navy

    Robert E. peary after he grauted from college he joined the united states navy in 1887 and worked with us milatry packegs
  • north pole

    north pole
    On april 6 1909 he discovered north pole thats how he became famos
  • years lived

    years lived
    He lived in 1856 and died in the year 1920 beacouse old ness