Explorer - Catherine

  • Jan 1, 1491

    date of birth and where he lived

    jaques cartier was born in 1491 his birth day and month is unknown he lived in northern france in saint malo
  • Jan 2, 1500

    what one thing is he discovered

    in the early 1500s he tried to find a sea passage to the east indiesthrough north america. instead he discoveredthe saint lawrence river and opened canada to european settlement
  • May 10, 1500

    on may 10

    on may 10he reachednorthern newfoundland
  • Jun 9, 1535

    what he discovered

    june 9 he discovered the straight of belle isle
  • Jan 1, 1541

    1541 in big

    1541 he took colonists in 5 ships to cap rouge, near quebec
  • Jan 1, 1557

    when he died

    the explorer died in 1557 the exact date is still has not been discoveredand how he died has not been discovered