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  • Ghandi was born

    Ghandi was born
  • Ghandi got married

    Ghandi got married
    They both were 13 years old.
  • Ghandi's wife kasturba

    Ghandi's wife kasturba
    She was 13 years old.
  • He went to England

    He went to England
    Because he want to study in England.
  • He went to South Africa.

    He went to South Africa.
  • Turband

  • Boer War

    Boer War
    Boer War is happend in 1882 to 1902.
  • Zulu Rebellion

  • Returned to India

  • Amritsar massacre

  • Bombay riots

  • Chauri chaura

  • Ghandi died

    Ghandi died
    He was assassinated.