Holes timeline

By 15106
  • There's no such thing as a curse!

    There's no such thing as a curse!
    <a href='[URL="http://www.waterfall-wallpapers.com/wallpaper/Waterfall-97/"][IMG]http://www.waterfall-wallpapers.com/images/wallpapers/../../bulkupload/Waterfall/Waterfall/Waterfall 97.jpg[/IMG][/URL][URL="http://www.waterfall-wallpapers.com/"]Waterfall Wallpapers[/URL]' >Click</a>Stanley's no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great grand father years ago fell in love with a woman. He went to a lady that could tell the future and was told to take the smallest pig and let it drink from the stream up the mountain everyday and he must sing a special song to it. But when he realised that the woman he loved had a head as emty as a flower pot he went to america as told before from the fortune teller but he forgot to take the fortune teller up the mountain and was cursed.
  • CAPTURED!!!!!!

    Click hereStanely is accused for running with a pair of shoes and thought that he stole them.
  • Who died laughing?

    Who died laughing?
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    Kate barlow comes back to Green lake and stays there but after 3 months she got captured and forced to show where she hid her loot. Then a lizard comes and bites her while the kidnappers demand for the answer while she dies laughing.
  • Going to camp?

    Going to camp?
    Click hereHe's brought to camp Green Lake where he has to dig one hole each day. It has to be 5 foot deep and 5 foot wide. He has to do this to biuld charecter.
  • Best of friends

    Best of friends
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    Stanley became good friends with the kids at the camp. And felt like he belonged at the camp.
  • It's a women!

    It's a women!
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    After Stanley gave his friend x-ray the tube, the warden came and it was a women! X-ray went back to the camp to take the day off and Stanley went to help Zero and his other friends. Is he jelous?
  • Fossils are useless!

    Fossils are useless!
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    Stanely found a fossil and showed it to Mr. Pendski, he thought he would get the day off but he was worng. Mr. Pendski said the Warden might not find it "interesting". The fossil says that there was a river before and there was, The biggest in texas. But when sam was shot not one drop fell in to Green lake. After 100 years Green lake turned to a vast waste land.
  • Yo ho me hearties!

    Yo ho me hearties!
    After finding the tresure and getting cought more than 10 spotted lizards crawled on to Zero and Stanley. But they never bite him and they got away with tresure
  • Why You?

    Why You?
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    After stanley found a gold lipstick tube with the letters KB, X- Ray makes him give it to him so he can a have the rest of the day off. Then after the warden saw it she went crazy to finding somthing, Maybe theres another reason why they after dig holes besides biulding charecter.

    SPLOOSH!!!!Sploosh! It's what helped Zero Live with out water for a few days but of course it was old and gave Zero a terrible bad stomach ach. But when they got to Mount Big thumb they ate only onions which helps the stomach. Sploosh was really spiced peaches that Kate barow made and gave to Sam for fixing the roof and school but the boat sunk because they shot Sam. And the spiced peaches went with the boat.
  • Whom did god punish?

    Whom did god punish?
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    Kate and sam where in love with each other but when somone saw them kissing they are in trouble. It against the law for a Negro to kiss a white and so the town wants to hang Sam. Kate and Sam run away on a boat but another boat comes and they shoot Sam. The police said god would punish sam and kate but since the day they shot Sam not one drop of rain fell on that town. Who did god punish?
  • Mountain onion?

    Mountain onion?
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    After stanley ran after Zero there only hope besides coming back to camp Green Lake is Mountain big thumb. There the two boys drink dirty water and lots of onions.
  • The onion secret

    The onion secret
    The secrets of the onion!ONION PASTE!!!!
    The onion knows many secrects in healing and he knows them all. He says that he has a land full of onions that grows whole year round and the water runs uphill.
  • Who is Zero?

    Who is Zero?
    Hector Zeroni
    Basecly Zero is nobody to everone but the truth is that he is the one who threw the shoes down the highway. He is also the great great grand child of Madame Zeroni who was the person who put the curse on the yelnats family for a good reason. Weknow this because of the last name Zeroni and the song that was sang to the pig. Both Stanly's and Zero's mom sang them a song but a different way.
  • STANLEY!!!

    The main Character who had shoes hit him in the head and then he had a curse which was passed down from his family many years ago.
  • Magnet

    Magnet is who gets stanley in trouble when it was really him who stole the sunflower seeds.
  • Zigzag

    ZIGZAG!!!! ZigZag is who hit Stanley in the head with a shovel. He was the one who got Zero in trouble and Zero ran away.
  • X-Ray!!!

    X-ray X-ray isn't really the tallest or the smartest but he seems to be the leader of the group D.
  • Armpit!!

    ARMPIT!!! In the biggining Stanley calls Him thedore and stanley gets pushed for calling him thedore instead of Armpit. but as the writer I don't know why anyone would want to be called Armpit.
  • Squid

    Squid!! Squid isn't really much in the book. He's just a guy in the group.