Renner,Helen Keller

  • A Change For the Blind

    A Change For the Blind
    Frenchman Louis Braille invents Braille.This would greatly affect the blind,who could now read because of Louis Braille.
  • Birth

    Helen Keller was born on June 27,1880,in Tuscumbia,Alabama.
  • Became Blind and Deaf

    When Helen was an infant she was struck with and ilness that left her blind and deaf.Since she couldn't hear,she eventally lost the ability to speak.
  • Mr.Bell

    Alexander Gram Bell had a great influence in Helen's life.He encourged her to do things and she looked to him as a second father.Helen spent much time with him,and was a life long friend.He also helped Helen and her family with money problems.
  • "Teacher"

    Anne Sullivan became Helen's life long teacher and best friend.When Helen went to school Anne was there to translate the lessons of her teachers to Helen.
  • A Goal

    Helen Keller made a goal to go to Radcliffe College,a place that she was not wanted.She was 16.
  • College Life

    After much studying Helen was accepted at Radcliffe.She gradguated in 1904 with honor.
  • Helan Speaks in Public

    Helen took speaking lessons.As soon as she did,her best friend Aleaxander Gram Bell asked her to speak at the ninth anual meeting of the Association in Providence Rhode Island.She did, and everyone loved it.
  • Love

    Peter Fagan and Helen fell in love and wanted to get married.Although there was a problem: Helen's parents did not want them too.Helen never married.
  • Our Leader

    Our Leader
    The 1920's was the reelection of president FD Roosevelt.Helen visited him once.
  • The War

    The War
    This is the day that that World War II began.It was the start of a war that would affect thousands.
  • Death

    At the age of 88 on June 27,1968 Helen Keller died of old age.