HHS Music History Class - Fall 2010

  • Period: Jan 1, 1551 to

    Giulio Caccini

    Birth and death
  • Period: May 1, 1562 to

    Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck

    B: Denventer, Netherlands
    D: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Jan 1, 1577

    Sweelinck Oude Kerk

    Oude Kerk at Old Church in Amsterdam
  • Dafne (Opera) written by Peri

  • Period: to

    Baroque Period

  • Period: to

    Pier Francesco Cavalli

    Born in Crema, Italy
    Died in Venice
    Considered 2nd most important Venitian composer after Monteverdi.
  • Period: to

    Gicomom Carissimi

    B: Marino, Italy
    D: Rome, Italy
  • Period: to

    Johann Pachelbel

  • Pachelbel becomes Organist at Thuringen

  • Period: to

    Antonio Vivaldi

    Born in Venice Italy
    Died in Austria
  • Period: to

    Georg Philiipp Telemann

    Born in Magdeburg, Germany
    Died in Hamburg
  • Period: to

    G. F. Handel

    B: Halle, Germany
    D: London, England
  • Period: to

    Domenico Scarlatti

    B: Naples, Italy
    D: Madrid, Spain
  • Vivaldi Starts at Ospedale della Pieta

    Started working as a violin teacher at the girls orphanage and wrote compositions for the girls to perform and practice.
  • Scarlatti Maestro di Cappella

    Maestro di Cappella to the Portuguese Ambassador
  • Telemann in Hamburg

    Accepted position of Kantor of Hamburg Johaneum.
    Was the muscial director of the 5 major churches in Hamburg.