Events Of The Year 2005

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  • Homelessness

    It was counted that there were 744,000 homeless people that lived in just the U.S. A little more than half lived in shelters, a majority of the homeless were single adults but about 41% were families.
  • Technology's

    This year the SED flat-panel technology developed by Toshiba and Canon was at the center of scrutiny.
    Motorola and Toshiba are both launching wireless wraparound headphones that use Bluetooth wireless networking to connect to laptops and cell phones, and HP recently introduced a similar pair, primarily for use with its iPaq PDAs.
  • Politics

    The Senate voted 85–13 to confirm Condoleezza Rice as the first black woman to hold the position of secretary of state
  • 838 killed in Iraq

    838 killed in Iraq
    The United States military along with coalition forces have been active in Iraq since March 19, 2003. In the year 2005, 838 US Hostile and Non-Hostile casualties were reported by the Department of Defense. Overall, 2100 American troops have lost their lives in defense of Iraq.
  • Superbowl

    The New England Patriots played the Philadelphia eagles in Jacksonville, Florida. The patriots won with a score of 24-21.
  • Science

    While not necessarily an American History event, the discovery of the tenth planet in our solar system was big news and was announced on July 29th. The American astronomers proved the existence of the planet located further out than Pluto. It had been postulated for 75 years. It has yet to be named.
  • Hurricane Katrina Starts

    Hurricane Katrina Starts
    This natural disaster formed over The Bahamas, and crossed over south Florida as a category one causing some deaths and flooding, before strengthening in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Hurricane Katrina Ends

    Hurricane Katrina Ends
    It Flooded over 80% of new orleans and killed over 1,000 people and destroyed many peoples houses and live styles. And over 6, 000 people were missing at the time.
  • President Bush Talking About Bin Laden Again

    President Bush Talking About  Bin Laden Again
    Bush, who rarely mentions Osama bin Laden, invoked the name five times in this kill-or-be-killed speech, which he had planned to give on Sept. 12 but postponed because of Katrina.
  • Death

    Rosa Parks, best known for refusing to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, died on October 24, 2005. Her arrest led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott which eventually led to the Supreme Court ruling segregation of buses unconstitutional.
  • Broadway

    The Color Purple is a story of hope, a testament to the healing power of love and a celebration of life.