Civil War Causes

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  • John C Calhoun

    John C Calhoun
    Was a very strong beliver in slavery. He also belived heavily in nullifucation, he fought for those two things for all of his career. Although he fought for slavery all of his life he wanted the North and South to get together and be happy without war.
  • Radical Abolitionism

    Radical Abolitionism
    The radical abolitionists are whites or blacks that are extreme anti-slavery people that were not afriad or even prefered using weapons to make their belife clear that slavery needed to end now.
  • Texas & Independence

    Texas & Independence
    Was a war between Mexico and the people that were in texas at the time. The reason i belive this lead to the Civil war is because after texas got free from Mexico they eventually got in to the United States as a slave state. I belive slavery was the single biggest reason that the North aand the South fought against eachother.
  • Beginnings of Sectionalism

    Beginnings of Sectionalism
    The Missouri compromise had a huge part in sectionalism because with it the United States made the 36' 30' line. That line split our country almost directly in two. This line will be where the South thinks the country should be the borders of the new country with them going away from the United States.
  • Rise of American Industry

    Rise of American Industry
    Was when the North had some key inventions to make things move faster when making. This made it neccesary to have factorys. when this was going on the South needed to come up with more cotton so the need for slaves was more than ever. With the slave trade ending it was hard and the South to end slavery because they couldnt make machines to pick the actual cotton. This kept slavery around which the North had a huge problem with.
  • Mexican-American War

    Mexican-American War
    An armed conflict between the United States and Mexico. After the war was over and we defeted Mexico Texas eventually got into the United states (AS A SLAVE STATE). i think this was a big part in the civil war because tekas is such a huge territory and it was a slave state. which was the main reason for the war.
  • Lincoln- Douglas Debates

    Lincoln- Douglas Debates
    There was a total of seven different debates in seven different towns in Illinois. Between the Republican Senate canadate for Illinois Abraham Lincoln and Democrat Senate incumbent Stephan Douglas. At that time they were both running for Senate for Illinois. The main discusion in all seven debates was slavery. Lincoln lost the Senate race but was later elected The President Of The United States.