U.S. History TImeline

  • House of Burgesses

    House of Burgesses
    The House of Burgesses, the first representative assembly in America,
  • Mayflower Compact

    Mayflower Compact
    This agreement that forms the basis of the colony's government.
    was signed
  • Boston Massacre

    The British,were trying to gain back control but they couldnt and they klled 5 patriots .
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    When Patriots disguisted themselves as Mohawk Indians and got on 3 British ships and dumped the tea on the harbor.
  • American Revolution

    When the Us fougth for their Independence from British.
  • George Washington

    George Washington
    He was elected 1st president of the United States
  • Capital of the US

    The U.S. capital is moved from Philadelphia to Washington, DC
  • Lousiana Purchase

    Lousiana Purchase
    US purchased Louisiana territory from France,which extends west from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains
  • War of 1812

    U.S. declares war on Britain over British interference with American maritime shipping and westward expansion
  • Indian Removal Act

    Indian Removal Act
    authorizes the forced removal of Native Americans living in the eastern part of the country to lands west of the Mississippi River
  • Texas

    declares its independence from Mexico
  • Mexican War

    U.S. declares war on Mexico in effort to gain California and other territory in Southwest
  • Civil War

    Conflict between the North (the Union) and the South (the Confederacy) over the expansion of slavery into western states.
  • Lincoln

    Lincoln is assassinated
  • Blacks Vote

    the Constitution is ratified, giving blacks the right to vote
  • World War I

    U.S. enters World War I, declaring war on Germany
  • Women Vote

    Women Vote
    Constitution is ratified, granting women the right to vote
  • Charles Lindbergh

    Charles Lindbergh
    first solo nonstop transatlantic flight in his plane
  • Star-Spangle banner

    Star-Spangle banner
    The Star-Spangled Banner is adopted as the national anthem
  • World War II

    U.S. declares its neutrality in European conflic
  • Twin Towers

    Twin Towers
    al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners.The hijackers intentionally crashed two of the airliners into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, killing everyone on board and many others working in the buildings
  • United States Vs Iraq

    President Bush labels Iran, Iraq, and North Korea an “axis of evil” and declares that U.S. will wage war against states that develop weapons of mass destruction
  • Space Shuttle Columbia

    Space Shuttle Columbia
    Space shuttle Columbia explodes upon reentry into Earth's atmosphere, killing all seven astronauts on board
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    Hurricane Katrina strikes the Gulf Coast, inundating the city of New Orleans with water from Lake Pontchetrain when the levees that maintain the below sea level city break.
  • Barack Obama

    Barack Obama
    He was elected Presindent