Adrienne Rich

By tuinhof
  • Born in Baltimore, Maryland

    to Arnold Rich and Helen Jones, Adrienne Rich grew up in financially comfortable and socially advantaged circumstances.
  • Honored

    Poet Adrienne Rich's first book was chosen by WH Auden for inclusion in the Yale Series of Younger Poets.
  • Graduated from Radcliffe

  • Book: A Change of world

    Selected for Yale Series of Younger Poets prize for this
  • Married Alfred H. Conrad

    A Harvard University economist; they had 3 sons
  • Gave birth to her first child, David, published the second volume of The Diamond Cutters and Other Poems

  • Another son was born, Paul.

  • Her thrid son was born, Jacob.

  • Rich published Leaflets, a collection of poems about the political turmoil of the 1960's. Her reputation as an activist poet was established.

  • Rich won the National Book Award with the book Necessities of Life

  • Rich published Diving into the Wreck, a poem that according to critics transcends any easy thematic labeling because of its sheer artistic beauty and metaphorical brilliance.