Terry Serepisos

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  • Period: to

    Mid 1980s - Serepisos' Trillini men's fashion stores find success in Wellington

  • 1990 - Serepisos and partners open the Ecstacy Plus nightclub in Courtney Place, which started the stampede of bars to the area.

  • 1993 - Serepisos and partners buy Welgas building (60-64 Courtney Place)

  • Late 1995 - Serepisos buys site on Tory St, with big plans to develop it

  • Serepisos is part of a group that buys the former BNZ building on Manners Mall and Cuba Street, currently site of Burger King.

  • Wellington Council stops work on Serepisos' Manners St development for breaching town planning conditions

    Work is restarted about a month later.
  • Serepisos buys World Trade Centre in Wellington's Victoria St, plans $5m revamp

  • Serepisos buys two character brick building on corner of Tory and Holland Streets for $782,500

  • Serepisos buys Prudential Building for $3.65m

  • Roseneath residents group complain about retaining wall being built by Serepisos on Robieson St

    The wall is higher than the original resource consent allowed. The wall is later allowed to remain.
  • Serepisos in hot water with Wellington's council for laying carpet in then-Health Minister Annette King's bathroom

  • Construction begins on first two stage of Serepisos' $65m development on Tory St

  • 2002 - Serepisos buys the old Deka site on Cuba Mall-Dixon St, plans $60m development

  • After being dared to by friends, Serepisos pays $20,000 for a charity golf round with Michael Campbell

  • Mechanics crash Serepisos' $270,000 Porsche 911 turbo in Wellington

  • Serepisos starts importing luxury Chinese showers

  • A teenager falls 5 metres down a lift shaft at a partially completed carpark owned by Serepisos

    Serepisos says a protective panel had been vandalised a few days before, leading to the accident. Occupational Safety and Health later files charges against Serepisos' company and Secure Parking, which leased the space. Both are found guilty. Serepisos fined $40,000.
  • A litre of paint is poured through Serepisos' Jaguar convertible

    Serepisos blames tall poppy syndrome.
  • Serepisos pays $70,000 to charity for Eric Watson's 1973 classic Jaguar convertible

  • Survey says Serepisos' Renaissance Apartments were the worst architecturally in the city

  • Serepisos buys chunk of waterfront land along The Esplanade in Petone for an undisclosed sum

  • Serepisos pays $23.5m for ASB Bank Tower, corner of Hunter St and Jervois Quay

  • Serepisos buys Home Ideas building in Petone

  • Petone residents angry over Serepisos' plans to build 10-storey building, approved by the council without public consultation

  • Serepisos buys Huddart Parker Building in Post Office Square for $14.5m

  • Serepisos buys Todd Tower on Customhouse Quay, for $27.81m

  • Serepisos spends $1.3m to bring David Beckham's LA Galaxy football club to play in Wellington

  • Wellington Phoenix football club play first match, thanks to Serepisos' funding

  • Serepisos pulls out of buying car parking and retail property at 151-159 Willis St

  • Serepisos puts two floor, 14-shop Capital on the Quay retail complex, near the cable car, up for sale

    At this point, his building at 173-175 Victoria St - the former Wellington World Trade Centre - and the Burger King building on Manners Mall have been up for sale for several months.
  • Serepisos reveals he lost abotu $2.5m on the Wellington Phoenix during the first two A-League seasons

  • Wilmshurst Properties buys Serepisos' Capital on the Quay at 256 Lambton Quay for $25.65 million.

  • Sunday Star Times reports that Serepisos is having "liqudity issues" with the Phoenix

    Hotel bills and players' wages are going unpaid
  • NZ's version of The Apprentice premieres on TV2, with Serepisos taking Donald Trump's role

  • Serepisos pledges to fund the Phoenix for the next 10 years

  • Serepisos' brother Lambros sentenced for supplying methamphetamine, ecstasy and fantasy, and for carrying a firearm.

  • The Dominion Post reports Serepisos is being chased by creditors, and is struggling to repay $2m in unpaid rates and ground rents

    He is accused by businessmen of bouncing checks. Serepisos blames unpaid debts owing to him and the global recession. Serepisos repays the $2m owing to the council in the following month thanks to a bank loan.
  • National Business Review drops Serepisos from its annual rich list, because of uncertainty about his net worth

  • Serepisos puts houses in Roseneath up for sale

  • Canterbury Mortgage Trust files suit against Serepisos over money lent against his Century City Hotel

  • ACC moves to liquidate Wellington Phoenix for $261,000 in outstanding payments

    Serepisos comes up with the money, but further debts of $1.4m to the council are revealed.
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  • Income from one of Serepisos' property companies is put in the hands of receivers

  • Serepisos settles with Canterbury Mortgage Trust over $8.95m debt

  • IRD seeks to liquidate five companies owned by Serepisos

    This includes Century City Football, owner of the Wellington Phoenix.
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