The history Of World Cup Scores

By bisb
  • Netherlands againts Germany

    Germany won against the Netherlands 2-1
  • Period: to

    The History Of the Football World Cup

    Germany won against the Netherlands 2-1
  • Netherlands against Argentina

    Argentina won against the Netherlands 3-1
  • Italy aganst Germany

    Italy won against Germany 3-1
  • Argentina against Germany

    Argentina won against Germany 3-2
  • Argentina against Germany

    Germany won against Argentina 1-0
  • Italy against Brazil

    the score was 0-0 but Brazil won in penalty shootouts
  • Brazil against France

    France won against Brazil 3-0
  • Brazil gainst Germany

    Brazil won against Germany 2-0
  • France against Italy

    Italy won against France 5-3 in penalty shootouts
  • Spain against the netherlands

    Spain won against the Netherlands 1-0