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The Progression of Robotics

By hms12
  • Jan 1, 1495

    Leonardo da Vinci designed the first robot

    Leonardo designed a robot knight, but he might not have ever made it.
  • Jacques de Vaucanson's loom

    This loom was made using a control system like early computers.
  • The Scribe

    The Scribe
    Head and eyes follow movement of its right hand, has disks inside that determine what is written. The disks have40 pegs that can be set to represent different characters.
  • First working computers

    Herman Hollerith built this computer to read data from punched cards using electricity.
  • First calculator

    Some scientists think that this was the first digital computer.
  • Unimates

    created by Joseph F. Engelberger
  • Shakey

    SRI creates first robot that can think and respond to its surroundings
  • 2 legged robot gymnast

    This robot's main trick was a forward flip. It was able to do flips because of its springy legs. It ran 13 mph and was also able to climb stairs, and jump over obstacles.
  • First behavior based robot

    Allen had 3 behaviors, avoid obstacles, follow walls, and find doors
  • Genghis, a walking robot

    Genghis, a walking robot
    2 pound robot, able to stand, avoid obstacles, and chase moving bodies. Genghis has several simple brains; each brain is responsible for a behavior.
  • RMI robot ehlps catch a murder suspect

  • Upuaut 2

    Upuaut 2
    Upuaut 2 was sent into a shaft in the Queen's chamber of the great pyramid. It climbed the shaft with headlights, laser guidence system, mini video camera, and 7 electeric motors, but was stopped by a stone block with copper decorations.
  • Dante 2

    Dante 2
    Walked into Alaskan volcano
  • Sony Aibo dog

    Sony Aibo dog
    It can learn about enviroment and reconize voices and faces.
  • Industrial robots work on most of the things we use

    Industrial robots are being used to package, sort, box, and ship many of the things that we use daily.