Chapter 24 timeline

  • Hay-Pauncefote Treaty

    allowed US to construct and control an isthmithian canal that would be free and open to all nations
  • Roosevelt Corollary

    warned Latin American nations to keep finances in order of face US intervention
  • taft-Katsura Agreement

    recognized Japanese's power over Korea in return for Japan's promise to not invade the Philipines
  • Root-Takahira Agreement

    US and Japan agreed to maintain the status quo in the pacific, uphold the open door policy, and support chinese independence
  • Revolution in Mexico

    revolution begins over the president Diaz
  • Cooling off treaties

    provided for submitting all international disputes to permanent commissions of investigation.
  • Panama Canal was completed

    10 miles wide. open and free to all nations
  • first Lusitania note

    called on Germany to abandon unrestricted submarine warfare
  • second Lusitania note

    insisted on specific pledges
  • Arabic pledge

    promised that U-boats would stop any warn lineres, unless they tried to resist or escape
  • Germany issues Sussex pledge

    agreed to Wilson's demands to call off attacks of cargo and passenger ships
  • wilson wins relection

    won presidential election over roosevelt
  • U-boat attacks

    between march 12 and 21, U-boats sank 5 american ships
  • Wilson asks for war declaration

    Wilson calls congress into session to ask for a declaration of war against germany
  • Selective service Act

    draft registration for all men between ages of 21 to 30
  • Food Administration established

    supplied foods to the armies overseas
  • CIP established

    controled information given to the US public
  • Espionage Act

    imposed sentences of up to 20 years in prision for anyone found guilty of aiding the enemy, obstructing recruitment of soldiers, or encouraging disloyalty
  • Sedition Act

    imposed harsh penalties on anyone using disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language
  • Peace treaty

    Treaty of Versiles