My Literacy Development

By dilleyl
  • Parents reading to me

    Parents reading to me
    I do not remember the first time my parents read to me. They just always did.
  • I memorized a book.

    I memorized a book.
    My mom read to me so much, I eventually memorized the books. My favorites were Little Golden books. She would try to skip words or sentences while reading to me, but I would catch her at it every time.
  • Kindergarten

    I loved getting to read or look at books in a little wooden boat in the classroom.
  • Third grade

    Third grade
    The teacher had a wooden two story loft in the classroom, which we were allowed to read in.
  • Fifth grade

    Fifth grade
    My fifth grade teacher had an inflatable room in the classroom, which we were allowed to read in. Having fun places to read helped me enjoy reading even more.
  • Sixth grade

    Sixth grade
    I would always read at night by dim light in my bedroom when I was supposed to be in bed asleep. I just loved to read!
  • Eighth grade

    Eighth grade
    I had to learn to read subject area textbooks (especially math) completely on my own. No teacher ever taught me how to read a math textbook. I had a tough year during my first algebra class and ended up teaching myself (probably with Mom's help) how to read the text. I had no trouble in future math classes after that.
  • High School

    High School
    I was given the privilege of reading novels such as Shakespeare in English classes.
  • College

    My high school English classes really helped prepare me for college. What was really nice though, is that I was allowed to highlight things in the college texts as I read.
  • Reading to my own children

    Reading to my own children
    I truly loved sharing my joy of reading with my own two children. Now they read on their own.
  • Reading as an adult

    Reading as an adult
    I enjoy reading as an adult whenever I can. I do most of my reading during the summers, but do some during the school year, as well. I enjoy all types of books.
  • Reading to my students

    Reading to my students
    I love to read so much that I always wanted to read to my middle school math students. In the last few years I have discovered a set of children's books on math topics with characters such as Lady Di from Ameter and Sir Cumference. The kids think they are funny, and they really help them learn various math concepts.