Computers in Time!!!

By Chuck
  • The First Apple!

    The First Apple!
    Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak released the first apple computer: the Apple 1!
  • Altering your business world!

    Altering your business world!
    VisiCalc, a spreadsheet program, was written by Bob Frankston and Dan Bricklin originally for Apple II. VisiCalc was seen as one of the most important reasons for acceptance of personal computers in the business world!
  • Hardening your Drive!!!

    Hardening your Drive!!!
    Alan Shugart presents the Winchester Hard Drive, completely changing storage for personal computers!
  • Conference heard round the world

    Conference heard round the world
    IBM executives held a press conference to discuss the release of the IBM Personal Computer!
  • The Apple is getting sick!

    The Apple is getting sick!
    Richard Skrenta wrote the first computer virus; the Elk Cloner! This virus was spread via floppy disk and every 50th boot of an infected disk, a short rhyme would display on the screen!