Cell History

By 1in99
  • The 1st compound microscopes

    The first compound microscopes was made by Hans and Zacharias Janssen.
  • 1st Mordern Light Microscope

    The 1st mordern light microscop was made by Galileo Galilei.
  • Leeuwenhoek

    Was a dutch tradesman and scientist. He was the 1st one to view and to talked about a single cell organusm's.
  • Robert Hooke

    Robert Hooke, was English Chemist, Mathematician, Physicist, and Inventor. One of his inventions with more pure research. Hooke improved on early compound microscopes.
  • Period: to

    Cell Therory

    The start of reasecher about cells.
  • Francesco Redi

    Redi was the 1st one to test that maggots came from eggs laid by flies.
  • Period: to

    Spontaneous generation

    The began of cell history.
  • Spallanzanii

    An Italian Priest Lazzaro Spallanzani he thought that microorganism's entered the broth after boiled but before sealed. He improved the design, he put the broth in a flask, sealed it, and vacuumed the air out. Then he boiled the broth. Nothing grew in the broth.
  • Pasteur

    Pasteur's experiment was more advanced than any of the previous because he had the technology to figure out that the samples shouldn't be left out in the open air where the bacteria could be allowed to get it. He figured out that there were no bacteria in filtered air so he put cotton plugs in some of the test tubes.
  • Shwann Cell

    Shwann cell was found by a physiolight Theodor Shwann. It is a variety of glial cells, about 10,000 Shwann cell's in a stariaght line is about one meter long.
  • First Viswed Organelle

    It was viewed by zoologist Karl August Mobius in 1884.
  • Schieden

    He was one of the cofounder of the cell theory and was manily famous for helping of the cell theory.
  • Election Microscope

    Max Knoll and Erunst Ruscka was the one who created the protype of the election mictoscope.