Apple Revolution

  • Apple 1 Created

    Apple 1 Created
    First sold for $666.66, which was very expensive at the time. About 200 units were produced. The Apple I was a fully assembled circuit board, and required no assembly. But, to make a working computer, users still had to add a case, power supply transformers, power switch, ASCII keyboard, and video display. But it was the first package deal for a computer ever!
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    Apple Revolution

  • Apple 2 Created

    Apple 2 Created
    This 8 bit personal computer, was the first personal computer to be highly successful. Through volume discounts, this apple 2 became the first wide spread computer in schools around the us. This happened in the late 1980's and early 1990's. This would be the start of wide spread education on computers in schools.
  • Apple II Europlus and J-Plus

    Apple II Europlus and J-Plus
    These were remodeled Apple 2's that were compatible in Europe and Japan. They had different power adapters, and the J-plus had a differently configured key board to support their language in Japan.
  • Apple 2 Plus

    Apple 2 Plus
    This new and improved Apple 2 gave the owner a little more memory, 64KB to be exact. It can only type in upper case letters. This was the last model of apple computer to have a Repeat key, which was used to type the same key more than once.
  • Apple 3 Created

    Apple 3 Created
    This was a 16 bit computer. It had major flaws and was removed from the market 4 years later. Its reliablity and integrity were very low.
  • Apple Lisa

    Apple Lisa
    This computer was designed to target buisnesses. It took a personal computer and added the graphical user interface.
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    Macintosh lines

    These computers have evolved over the years in what we have now, the Mac Pro. The all had the same concept, but as time went on they got faster and gained more memory.
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    Years Steve Jobs didnt work at Apple

  • Macintosh XL

    Macintosh XL
    This Macintosh XL was basicaly the last of the Lisa type of computers. It could have 512 KB of memory or be upgraded to 2 MB of memory with a upgraded chip. Because the Lisa wasn't that large of a hit, Apple was at margins. But after this computer was made they were hit with a extreme load of orders. The Lisa sales went down because of the new Macintosh line.
  • IMac revolution

    IMac revolution
    The IMac was the first computer by apple to include everything that is needed for a computer. Only a mouse and Keyboard, as well as power plug would have to be attached.
  • Itunes

    Itunes changed the way the world listened to music. it made music portable and didn't require any CD or Cassette, It would alow people to buy individual songs, as well at a later date videos as well.
  • Ipod changes the world

    Ipod changes the world
    The ipod was the first mass mp3 player that was small and could store lots of data. There are nearly 260 Million world wide today!
  • Apple Ipod Click Wheel

    Apple Ipod Click Wheel
    This click wheel was used on all ipods till the ipod touch came out. It is used to do the basic funtions for listening to music.
  • MacBook

    This MacBook would be apples first Laptop computer. It would be light, fast, and mobile.
  • Ipod Touch

    Ipod Touch
    This was the First multitouch devise of its kind that gave the user more control over what they can do with their device.
  • Iphone

  • Time Capsule

    Time Capsule
    This time capsule has the ability to store 500 GB or 1 TB of memory for a smaller price than a computer itself. The 500 GB one costs $299 and the 1 TB one costs $499.
  • IPad

    The IPad is a Tablet computer. It is a touch based device that is very user friendly.
  • MacBook Air

    This device can do everything that all of its relatives can do, only minus a pound or two.