Industrialization Timeline

  • National Labor Union (NLU)

    National Labor Union (NLU) was formed. It was created by skilled workers to influence better hours and fair labor from the government.
  • Colored National Labor Union (CNLU)

    Colored National Labor Union (CNLU) formed in order to incorporate colored people into the labor unions.
  • Knights of Labor

    Knights of labor formed; open to all workers regardless of sex, age, race, and origin. It followed many of the same views as the NLU.
  • Great Railroad Strike of 1877

    A major strike across the United States against the Railroads beacuse of continued wage cuts. The incident originally started at the Baltimore and Ohio railroad.
  • Haymarket Affair

    A major brawl, at the Haymarket Square, broke out between the police and rioters and multiple people died. It marked the time when the public began to turn against the labor movement.
  • The American Federation of Labor (AFL)

    A group combined from craft and international unions. It is the most effective through strikes and won higher wages and shorter workweeks for workers
  • The Homestead Strike

    A major strike of steelworkers after the president, Frick, declared he would cut wages.
  • The American Railway Union (ARU)

    An industrial union consisting of both skilled and unskilled workers in the work force.
  • The Pullman Strike

    A strike against the Pullman company after it refused to bring wages back to normal once the economy improved again after the panic of 1893.
  • the Industrial Workers of the World (I.W.W.)

    also known as the Wobblies; it included miners, lumberers, and cannery and dock workers, including African Americans and unskilled workers.
  • Uprising of 20,000

    A seamstresses' strike that won labor agreements and improved working conditions for some strikers.
  • The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

    A fire of a garment factory resulting in the death of 146 women. They died from being trapped in the building beacuse the exits were locked to prevent burglary and the fire escape collapsed.
  • the Congress of Industrialized Organizations (CIO)

    federation created when the American Federation of Labor (AFL) failed to arrange unskilled workers in mass production
  • tthe American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL CIO)

    The combination of the two unions, creating the biggest union in the United States.