The beatles1

The Beatles

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  • John Lennon's Birth day

    John Winston Lennon was born to Julia and Fred Lennon at Oxford Maternity Hospital in Liverpool.
  • Period: to

    The Beatles

  • Paul McCartney's Birth Day

    James Paul McCartney was born at Walton General Hospital in Liverpool.
  • George Harrison's Birth Day

    George Harrison wa born in Liverpool, in his family home.
  • John Lennon Starts high school

    Lennon enters Quarry Bank High School.
  • John Lennon forms "The Quarry Men"

    John Lennon forms “the quarry men” and performs whats known in England as “skiffle”.
  • John and Paul meet after a Quarry Men performance, and find they have similar music intrests.

    The Quarry men perform, and after the performance John and Paul met, and found they have very similar music intrests.
  • John Lennon commences studies at the Liverpool College of Art

  • The Quarry Men perform at "The Cavern"

  • Quarry Men perform at Wilson Hall, Where George Harrison decides to join the men

  • John's mother Julia Lennon was fatally struch down by a car driven by a off duty police officer, At the end of this event, John became more bitter and cynical about his own life.

  • Band chosen as a backing group for Johnny Gentle

  • The Quarry Men perform at the Casbah on opening night

  • Ringo Starr begins drumming for Rory Storm and the Hurricanes

  • The Quarry Men change their name to The Silver Beetles

  • New stage name as "The Beatles" and first performance at the Indra Club in Hamburg Germany.

  • Boys luck in Hamburg runs out. George Harrison is deported for working underage in a night club, McCartney and drummer Pete Best are arrested for pinning sexual paraphernailia to a brick wall, and lighting it on fire and are forced to leave Germany.

  • The Beatles go back to Hamburg Germany

  • Beatles perform as a back up band forTony Sheridan

  • Return from Hamburg

  • Beatles make first appearance on BBC's light programmes "Teenagers Turn"

  • Beatles and Brian Epstein officially sign a record deal

  • Pete Best is replaced by Ringo Starr

  • John Lennon marries Cynthia Powell

  • Beatles begin their third Abbey Road sessinon and record Love Me Do

  • Beatles begin their second recording session at Abbey Road

  • Beatles leave for their final trip to Hamburg. They performed at the Star-Club

  • Beatles begin concert tour in Scotland

    1. 1963______________ January 1 The Beatles begin their concert tour in Scotland
  • Beatles appear for the last time at The Cavern

  • Beatles arrive at Kennedy Airport greeted by over 3,000 fans

  • Beatles debut on the Ed Sullivan Show in NY.

  • Beatles first concert appearance in the US

  • Beatles return to England

  • Ringo Starr collapses from tonsillitis and pharyngitis

  • Beatles begin Australian tour at Adelaide.

  • Ringo meets with Beatles in Melbourne after recovering

    1. On June 14, Ringo would reunite with the Beatles in Melbourne after recovering temporarily from tonsillitis
  • Ringo Starr marries hairdresser Maureen Cox

  • Beatles largest crowd suring a concert at Shea Stadium, New York

    1. August 15 56,000 fans show up at Shea Stadium, New York. This was the Beatles' largest crowd on any tour, and also the largest rock concert attendance to that point in time.
  • John Lennon meets Yoko Ono

  • Paul McCartney meets his future wife Linda Eastman at the Bag O'Nails

  • Brian Epstein dies in his home from drug overdose of sleeping pills.

  • Ringo Starr walks out on the band while recording the "White Album"

  • Cynthia Lennon sues John Lennon for divorce

  • Beatles begin filming Let It Be

  • George Harrison walks out on the band while working on "Let It Be"

  • John Lennon and Yoko Ono get married

  • Beatles begin recording Abbey Road album

  • The last time all four Beatles would record together in studio.

  • Last photo session of the Beatles together

  • "Paul Is Dead Hoax" starts in America

  • John Lennon announces that he is leaving the band

  • Paul McCartney begins legal procedures to end the Beatles partnership

  • Beatles bodyguard Mal Evans dies from police gunfire

  • George and Pattie Harrison are divorced

  • George Harrison marries Olivia Arias

  • Paul McCartney arrested in Japan for 10 days for possession of marijuana

  • John Lennon is gunned downed by a deranged fan who wassentenced to life imprisonment on August 21, 1981

  • Ringo marries actress Barbara Bach

  • Linda McCartney passes away.

  • George and Olivia Harrison are attacked in their home. The suspect is charged with two counts of attempted murder.

  • George Harrison treated for cancer

  • George Harrison dies. Succumbed to cancer at 58 years old.

  • Paul McCartney marries Heather Mills

  • George Harrison's attacker is released on conditional discharge