Timeline amundsen

Thomas Chan and Hayden lam

  • roald amundsen starts his journey

    roald amundsen starts his journey
    Amundsen chartered the norwegian ship FRAM pretending to go on a north pole expedition, whilst secretly planning for the south pole instead
  • scotts journey starts

    scotts journey starts
    scott announces his second south pole experdision
  • robert scott goes to england

    robert scott goes to england
    scott sails to england to nz with three motor sledges ,nine teen siberian pnies, thrity three huskies and twenty four man
  • left

    amundsen and his crew left oslo on the FRAM taking 19 men, 97 huskies, a hut in sections and provisions for 2 years
  • challenge

    FRAM docked at Madeira in spain and amundsen sent a telegram to scott that he was going to south pole instead. his crew was exited to challeng scotts team
  • scott goes

    scott goes
    scott and party left nz on the terra nova three days out they were hit by a fericious gale
  • robert scotts old hut

    robert scotts  old hut
    scott's old hut was blocked by lots of ice
  • reach antarctica

    reach antarctica
    amundsen and crew reached antarctica he chose the bay of whales to set a camp
  • set of

    set of
    Amundsen's team of five men and 52 dogs set of to the race to the south pole
  • Scotts polar team

    Scotts polar team
    Scott and hs polar team left on their race to the south pole with 14 men on two motor sleds,10 ponies and two dog sleds
  • amundsen lastr depot

     amundsen lastr depot
    amundsen reached there last supply depot
  • Amundsen

    they reached their last supply depot, 722 kilometres from the pole
  • Amundsen

    they created a new supply depot for their return journey. They had 42 dogs left to pull 4 sleds
  • Amundsen

    They climbed a unexplored mountain they took 18 dogs with them and shot the rest
  • Scott straves

    Scott straves
    they shot their frozen ponies the men carried sleds
  • Amundsen

    Amundsen's party plants the norweighon flag
  • Scotts choice

    Scotts choice
    Scott chooses fellow explorers to acompany him
  • exhausted Scott

    exhausted Scott
    all five men were exhausted pulling sleds
  • Amundsen

    they returned to the bay of whales healthy and excited
  • Derlirous evans death

    Derlirous evans death
    derlirous evan dies
  • blizzard

    a blizzard struck the men and all the men died
  • Amundsen

    they arrived in hobart, tasmania to annouce victory
  • Oates dies

    Oates dies
    Oates limped out saying i'm going outside and may be some time and died
  • scotts last words

    scotts last words
    last entry " for gods shake please look after our people"
  • scotts last entry

    scotts last entry
    last entry was "for gods shake look after our people"