Dates partaining to chemistry (Brad Burns)

  • 332

    Aristotle dies (BC)

  • 370

    Democritus dies (BC)

  • Period: 400 to

    Chemistry dates

  • 460

    The birth of Democritus (BC)

  • Mendeleev was born

  • Newlands was born

  • Mendeleeve published a textbook called the Principles of Chemistry

  • Bohr was born

  • Chadwick was born

  • Newlands died

  • Aristotle created a system of logic that we still use today

  • JJ Thomson was awarded Nobel Prize in physics

  • Mendeleev created the periodic table and won the Nobel Prize for chemistry

  • Mendeleev died

  • Ruthorford won the Nobel Prize in chemistry

  • Bohr recieved Nobel Prize in chemistry

  • Ruthorford first split the atom

  • Chadwick discovered the neutron

  • Chadwick became professor of physics at liverpole university

  • Chadwick died

  • The birth of aristotle (BC)