• Jamestown

    John Smith was a leader there
  • Immagrations

    People from other countries work in factories and worfshops
  • Declaration of Indepindence

    The list of greivinces that americans can break away from britain
  • America discovery

    Columbus sails the ocean
  • The Continental Railroad

    when they built the rail roads
  • End of Slavery

    End of african american slavery
  • Mlk got shot

    Martin luther King gets shot for beleiving in african american rights
  • Nation of Islam

    He went to Islam and changed his name
  • NWA

    A rap group that was one of the most black people with attitude.
  • KoBe Bryant First Year

    Bryant was chosen as the 13th overall draft pick by the Charlotte Hornets in 1996. The Charlotte Hornets selected Bryant, seeing that there was a chance to trade with the Lakers.
  • Tupac Dies

    Tupac dies from getting shot making everyone wanting to be a famous rapper
  • Biggie Smalls Dies

    Dies from the east coast, west coast war by stop at a red light in Califronia and gets shot.
  • 911

    3 airplanes crashed into the twin towers
  • Kobe's Number Change

    He change is number between the end of the 05-06 season & the 06-07 season
  • Saints win Superbowl

    Saints defeated the colts at the superbowl
  • Oboma becomes president

    He won the election
  • Lakers won Championship

    Lakers defeted Boston celtics for the championship
  • michel Jackson Dies

    For O.D
  • LeBron moves to Heat

    He leaves Cavilears to go to the Miami Heat
  • Lil' Wayne Gets out of jail

    He went to jail for something illeagal