causes of the civel war Guard

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    causes of the civel war

  • Missouri compromise

    Missouri compromise
    The north and the south where fighting about who should get Missouri for another state. This would lead up to a war, or chaos. Eventfully the south side won and got Missouri but the north got Maine.
  • Slavery

    Slaves weren’t a person that’s why if you abused a slave you wouldn’t be arrested for abuse. This act of cruelty lasted for more than 100 years and only happened in the confederacy. This is one of the reasons that the civil war happened. This was one of the most sad but interesting events in the U.S history.
  • Nat turners rebellion

    Nat turners rebellion
    Many slaves attacked a white people and Nat turner helped they raced along roads killing all the slave owners they saw. It wasn’t just men who died kids and woman died also.
  • Kansas-Nebraska act

    Kansas-Nebraska act
    Congress was debating about if the new states where free states of the state would choose if they were free or not. Obviously the congress members that wanted slavery would like to pass the law that the state could choose; but the North would want to have all free states, the new states also included the Louisiana purchas
  • dred scott decision

    dred scott decision
    Dred Scott was a black man who was a slave in a slave free state so this was illegal. He knew he was a slave in a free state so he sued his owner; this was spread all the way to the Supreme Court. He lost even though he was in a slave free state he wasn’t a citizen.
  • John Brown Rebelion

    John Brown Rebelion
    The john brown rebellion happened in October, 16-1859. If you were white, nearby, and owned a slave than you would be killed during this rebellion as john, his kids, and other abolitionists moves on the attack from small plantations and freed lots of slaves by doing so. At the end two of johns sons were dead and john brown was hanged because of his actions.
  • the election of 1860

    the election of 1860
    In 1860 Abe Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin both ran for president Abe said that slavery could stay where it was, and Hannibal was a fan of slavery so the south side of the united states would probably vote for him because the south side had rich soil and had cotton and tobacco growing so the south wanted slaves. On the north side didn’t have much farmland but they had big cities so there was no need for slaves.