Causes Of the Civil War Kokolakis

  • The Missouri Compromise.

    The Missouri Compromise.
    What happened was Henry Clay made a compromise that Missouri asked to join the union as a slave state. To make sure the number of slave states were equal, main joined as a free state. The compromise was meant to keep the states together with peace for 30 years.
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    Causes of the Civil War

  • Nat Turners Rebellion

    Nat Turners Rebellion
    Nat Turner who was a religious man that taught himself to read and write. He always had visions and messages that he thought were from god. His visions became more and more violent that they led him to trust that its purpose was to dispatch the evilness of slavery and white men. He went and fought by taking axes and other weapons and killing 57 white people and many innocent people, and he was caught and hanged.
  • Slavery

    If you lived in the north you would work for your money, unlike the south whose work was working in the fields to make money. The south needed many slaves to work for them to help them make money. The northerners didn’t want slavery they wanted to stop it and bring it out of the south. Slaves were torched and beaten They both started to have different ways of life.
  • Compramise of 1850

    Compramise of 1850
    Henry Clay made a compromise called the compromise of 1850. To satisfy the North the congress gave the north California as a free state and stopped slavery In the country’s capital, Washington D.C. To satisfy the south congress said that people in Mexico and Utah can vote on if to allow slavery in their territories. The law said that the north had to help capture runaway slaves.
  • Dred Scott Rebellion

    Dred Scott Rebellion
    Dred Scott and his wife were slaves themselves, Dred Scott’s lawyer argued that even though he and his wife were slaves, because they lived in the Illinoi territory where slavery was not allowed, they were authorized to their freedom. Scott and his wife were not entitled to bring the lawsuit to the supreme court because they weren’t certified citizens of the united states. Only 7 justices agreed out of the 9.
  • John Brown Rebellion

    John Brown Rebellion
    John brown and five of his sons traveled to Bleeding Kansas. John Brown and his sons murdered five slavery supporters at Potawatomie, Kansas. When Brown came back to the east he made a plan to liberate slaves by force.
  • Secsession

    What happened was South Carolina claimed the U.S constitution and gave a state the right to separate if the federal government failed to maintain obligations. South Carolina proclaimed that the government failed to apply the fugitive slave law in all the states. When Abe Lincoln was elected he signaled that it was the end of slavery.