Causes of the Civil War Kent

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    Causes of the Civil War

  • Missouri Comprimise

    Missouri Comprimise
    In 1820, there was a compromise made, letting Main join the Union, and Missouri join the Confederacy. It was proposed by Henry Clay, who also suggested “The Compromise of 1850”. Before the proposal was made, there was lots of arguing between U.S. Congress. Although the compromise worked for Main and Missouri, white southerners were still afraid that the North was trying to change their way of life.
  • Underground Railroad

    Underground Railroad
    The Underground Railroad was a system of safe houses that runaway slaves could rest at and they could take baths and get clean clothes. It went on all throughout the 1800’s and Harriet Tubman was one of the main conductors on the fake railroad. It was making some people mad because it was freeing slaves and slaves were very important because if slaves didn’t exist, none of this would’ve had to happen.
  • Slavery

    It all started in 1619, slavery, that is. It was mostly in the South, and it happened because the people in the South needed people that would pick their crops and do all the jobs that no one wanted to do, for free. Well, slavery was evolving, and more states wanted slavery abolished. And on top of that, it was making Abolitionists, Quakers and other people that didn’t like slavery mad.
  • Compromise of 1850

    Compromise of 1850
    Henry Clay, the people in California, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, and Washington D.C. got together. Henry Clay suggested the Compromise of 1850, and that was that California should be a free state and the new territories would have the people vote on whether they wanted to be a free state or a slave state. It was a good suggestion by Clay, so they made it happen, but it led to violence in Kansas later.
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act

    Kansas-Nebraska Act
    The Kansas-Nebraska act was an act that was passed by Congress in 1854. It let the remaining territory acquired in the Louisiana Purchase be part of the Union. It also let Kansas become a free state just a few months before the war. The Confederacy didn’t like this because it was letting the Union get more states and they didn’t think that the Union should get more states than them.
  • John Brown Rebellion

    John Brown Rebellion
    On October 16, 1859, John Brown and his 5 sons attacked the federal arsenal in Harper's Ferry, Virginia. Brown and his group easily destroyed the arsenal and the town. When he failed his next attempt of attack, the local militia surrounded them, and a day later the U.S. marines came, too. John Brown was an extreme abolitionist, which is why he did this.
  • Election of 1850

    Election of 1850
    The Election of 1860 was an election that was so close that Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin won by only about one state. The other candidates were Stephen Douglas and Herschel Johnson, John Breckinridge and Joseph Lane, John Bell and Edward Everett. This made the south mad because even though Lincoln promised that he wouldn’t take away their slaves, they did not really believe him.