Zipper 1

The Zipper

  • The first, what soon would be called, zipper

    Originally called an "automatic, continous clothing closure, the first general idea of what we call a zipper was patented in 1851 by Elias Howe. The patent number is 8,540.
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    The History of the Zipper

  • Hook-and-eye

    In 1893, what we today call a zipper was then called a shoe faster or hook-and-eye. The first place the zipper was actually used was on a shoe. Patent number 504,037 belongs to Whitcomb L. Judson.
  • Fastener Company

    Fastener Company
    An official line of business, the Universal Fastener Company was formed in 1894.
  • Automatic Hook and Eye Company

    Another 'zipper' making compnay was formed in 1904. It's official name was the Automatic Hook and Eye Company.
  • Automatic Hook-and-eye

    10 years later in 1904, The Automatic Hook-and-eye business began.
  • seperable fastener

    seperable fastener
    In 1917, Gideon Sundback got patent number 1,219,881 for what was called the seperable fastener.
  • The Zipper name

    The Zipper name
    In 1925, the zipper is first called "the zipper". The name came from the B.F Goodrich company.
  • Zipper finalization

    Zipper finalization
    In 1934, there are numerous zipper companies. The zipper is finally accepted as a piece of clothing. And today, we would't know what to do without a zipper!