Robert Wilhelm Bunsen

  • Birth

    Born in Germany.
  • Period: to

    Birth / Death

  • College

    Studied Chemistry with Friedrich Stromeyer.
  • Ph.D

    obtained the Ph.D. degree
  • Traveling.

    He traveled in Germany, France, and Austria were he met Friedrich Runge, Justus von Liebig, and Eilhard Mitscherlich
  • Lecturer

    Became a lecturer at Göttingen and began experimental studies of the (in)solubility of metal salts of arsenous acid.
  • Invention

    Bunsen created the Bunsen cell battery
  • Professor

    Bunsen became a full professor at University of Marburg.
  • New University.

    Bunsen accepted a professorship at the University of Breslau, there he tought for 3 semesters
  • Invention #2

    Laboratory assistant, Peter Desaga and Robert Bunsen had invented the Bunsen burner.
  • Election

    Bunsen was elected a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
  • Retirement

    Retired at the age of 78, worked solely to geology and mineralogy, an interest which he had pursued throughout his career.
  • Death

    Died in Germany. (homeland)