Flight History

By utah
  • First manned flight

    Finaly on november 21 1783 the first manned flight was acomplished. It was a montgolfier hot air baloon which flew 8 km across the city of paris.
  • Wright brothers flight

    On October 23 1900 in kitty hawk the wright brothers flew the fist airplane EVER! the wright brothers continued their airplane
  • First manned helicopter flight

    On september 29 1907 the first helicopter lifted off for a short 1minute. It flew 0.6 m off the ground but even so it was very unstable and needed 2 men at both the front and back.
  • First canadian manned flight

    On febuary 23 1909 was the first canadian manned flight. It was Built and desighned by alexander grahm bell. JhonMcCurdy was the person that piloted the silver dart. Last year in 2009 Canada celebrated its hundreth year of flight.
  • first loop-the-loop in a plane

    On june 27 1914, (could not find name) completed the first ever loop-the-loop.
  • First nonstop flight across the atlantic

  • Hindenburg Disaster

    When a german passenger airliner called the hindenburg caught fire and crashed while attempting to land at the lakehurst naval air station in lakehurst new jersy. Of the 97 people on the airship unfortunatley 36 of them died by the time it hit the ground.
  • First flight past the speed of sound

    On october 14, 1947 general chuck yeager broke the sound barrier. He used the plane called the x-1 fighter plane. then in 1952 he made a new world record in speed, 1650 mph! almost doubling the speed of sound.
  • Fist 100% canadin biult plane

  • Canncelation of the avro arrow

    This date is what canadians call "black friday" It was when the avro arrow project was put to a halt permanantly when the americans decided they needed to deystroy it because it was better overall than any american plane.
  • First man in space

    It only took the world 52 years from the first manned flight to get the first man in space. His name was Yuri Gagarin, he was a colonel in the soviet air force, but he was only in space for 1 hour and 48 minutes.
  • finishing the internatinal space station

    I think that somtime in 2014 NASA and the other countries working on the internatinal space station will finaly finish it so that they can get info about space and go into deeper space than possible right now.
  • First human mars landing

    I think that sometime in 2020 humans will land on mars. It will be a day greater than when niel armstrong first landed on the moon. Then it may be possible to get supplies to mars using the internatinal spae station.
  • First human past mars

    I think that in 2026 one of the countries involved in space will send someone beyond mars and into deeper space. Because it is not possible to launch a rocket or shuttle for that long it is possible that it will launch off mars so it can go past the planet much easier.