American Revolution

  • Proclamation of 1763

    What : appolachian mnts was the western bourdarys for the colonies
    Why : The end of the Fench and India war
    Colonial Respose: many were angry beacusethe brought land beyound the mountains and couldnt go there
  • Taxation without Represntation

    What; Great Britain taxed everything
    Why; Great Britain were in debt after the French and Indian war and need money
    Colonial Respose: Colonists were mad
  • Sugar Act

    What : lowerd taxes on imported malasses
    Why : To stop smulgging increase taxes revenue
    Colonial Respose; Angerd colonist and many protested
  • Quartering Act

    What: Punishing colonist and getting money for soldiers
    Why: Neglecting refusing to do their duty
    Colonial Response : The colonist were mad
  • Stamp Act

    What : law placed taxes on almost all printed items
    Why : Britain was in debt and wanted the power
    Colonail Response : Colonist were angry
  • Declaratory Act

    What ; it said the gov had the right to taxand make decision for the colonist
    Why; To grain controll back to themselfs and from the colonist
    Colonail Response; very mad ,they complained and were mad
  • Townshend Act

    What ; set taxes on all imports goods
    Why; Trying to make the colonist happy
    Colonail Response ; outranged and stopped buying the bristain goods
  • Boston Massacre

    What ; colonist protested to the british soldiers
    Why; soldiers were accussed of things
    Colonial Response; colonist mad and used it as propogauatd against the britsh
  • Tea Act

    What; tea was to be shipped to colonist and slod cheap
    Why; so east indian compancy woulld profit
    Colonial Response ; mad because they were undercutting local merchounts
  • Boston Tea Party

    What; Disgusised as indians and threa 342 chest for tea
    Why citzensrefused to alllow ships to unload tea
    Colonail Response; citizens gethered to celbrate in the street
  • 1st Continetal Congress

    What; organization to represnt the americans
    Why; wanted to gain back liberty from british though conition
    Colonial Response; fromed military to help the congress
  • Coercive

    What; boston horbor was clsed untill the colonist could pay back the tea
    Why; King wanted to punish boston tea party
    Colonial Response ; anry with the law because they were isotated